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Illustration Degree

Are you very artistic, but would like to use your talent for real-world applications? Would you like to nurture your creativity while at the same time enhancing the opportunities that you have in terms of employment? The solution to this is to strive towards obtaining an illustration degree. Illustrations still have an important role to play in new as well as traditional media and by completing a degree in this field can help to realize your full potential as an illustrator.

Illustration Degree Information

Associate of Arts in Illustration Degree

A two-year Associate of Illustration degree program can teach you to analyze as well as critique how illustration has developed as a visual language. Traditional art skills and practices are generally covered with this type of degree along with more contemporary ones. While a high school diploma or GED certificate is generally sufficient for apply to this type of program, you might also need to present a portfolio or pass an admission exam first if required. The bulk of courses in these programs usually focus on anatomical studies and figure drawing, color, lighting and painting as well as 2-D and 3-D design. Certain programs also allow you to choose a specialization, for example fashion
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Classes can help you to improve your technique and expand your knowledge of composition or color, but it is no substitute for natural talent. This obviously means that creativity is also a plus. Although illustrating is an artistic skill, you will also need technical abilities to back it up as computer software is increasingly used over traditional methods when working in this field. Since illustrators generally work on assignments or deadlines you will need good problem solving skills as well. Finally, if you plan on working in a freelance capacity you will need good communication and social skills for dealing with clients and

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