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Abstract: This paper first deal with image processing and its fundamental steps after that this paper has focused on the noise removal methods and makes the enhanced image. Image enhancement has found to be one of the most important vision applications because it has ability to enhance the visibility of images. Distinctive procedures have been proposed so far for improving the quality of the digital images. Image enhancement is one of the key issues in high quality pictures such as digital cameras. Since image clarity is easily affected by lighting, weather, or equipment that has been used to capture the image. These conditions lead to image may suffer from loss of information. The main purpose of image enhancement is to bring out detail that…show more content…
The enhancement process does not increase the inherent information content in the data. But it does increase the dynamic range of the chosen features so that they can be detected easily. Image enhancement is used to improve the quality of an image for visual perception of human beings. It is also used for low level vision applications. Image enhancement is the mechanism to process the input image to make it more appropriate and clearly visible for the required application. Image enhancement improves the information content of the image and alters the visual impact of the image on the observer. The objective of image enhancement is to modify attributes of an image to make it more suitable for a specific task. In the image enhancement process, one or more attributes of the image are modified and processed. The choice of attributes and the way they will be modified are specific to a given task. Enhancement is pre processing step in some computer vision applications to ease the vision task, for example to enhance the edges of an object to facilitate guidance of robotic gripper. Enhancement is also used as pre processing step in applications where human viewing of an image is required before further processing. Image enhancement is used for post processing generate a desirable

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