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Image registration Definition: Image registration is the process of aligning images from two or more data sets. It involves integrating the images to create a composite view, improving the signal-to-noise ratio, and extracting information that would be impossible to obtain from a single image. Image registration is used in remote sensing, medical imaging, cartography, and other applications that rely on obtaining precise information from images—for example, discovering from satellite images how an area became flooded, or detecting tumors from MRI scans. There are two well-known approaches to the process of automatic image registration: feature-based and intensity-based registration algorithms. Image Registration Principle The goal of image…show more content…
Then, we might seek to determine the object at whatever size it appears, which might be due to physical change, or to how close the object has been placed to the camera. This requires size or scale invariance. These are the main invariance properties we shall seek from our shape extraction techniques. Image segmentation Definition: Image segmentation is the division of an image into regions or categories, which correspond to different objects or parts of objects. Every pixel in an image is allocated to one of a number of these categories. A good segmentation is typically one in which: • pixels in the same category have similar greyscale of multivariate values and form a connected region, • neighbouring pixels which are in different categories have dissimilar values. Segmentation is often the critical step in image analysis: the point at which we move from considering each pixel as a unit of observation to working with objects (or parts of objects) in the image, composed of many pixels. Principle of operation: There are three general approaches to segmentation, termed thresholding, edge-based methods and region-based

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