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In recent years, the digital image collection has been rapidly increasing the size of the image. Every day, the gigabytes of images generate in military and civilian equipment. A huge, information is out there. To use this available information effectively, efficient methods for storage, browsing, indexing and retrieval. Since the 1970s, image retrieval has been an active research area within two major research communities: database management and computer vision. These research communities study image retrieval from two different angles. The first is primarily text based, whereas the second relies on the visual properties of the data. The size of image database is very better than the two problems render manual annotation
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The Malignant tumor grows and spreads quickly everywhere in the nearby areas. Benign tumors are slow growing and do not spread in their neighboring tissues. Medical images are digitally represented in a multitude of formats depending on the modality, anatomy, and scanning technique. The most outstanding feature of medical image is always displayed in gray scale or color images. MRI is the most commonly used technique for monitoring and evaluating the brain tumors. Sequences of images in MRI called slices, are obtained from any of the three orientations. The three orientations of the human brain are axial (neck to the head), sagittal (ear to ear) and coronal (front to back). Proton density (PD), Longitudinal relaxation time (T1) and transverse relaxation time (T2) are the three types of images produced by MRI. Computed tomography (CT), single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) and positron emission tomography (PET) are the other imaging techniques also available. CT provides the hard tissues like bones and MRI is used only in the soft tissues of the imaging organ, but is more efficient than CT because of its contrast

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