Essay On Imagery In Poetry

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The interpretations of literary works is how to understand the meaning of the works related with the situations of context of works itself. Likewise, the objective meaning of the works make the concept of interpretations is spread. It is because interpretations cannot separated with the historical. In conclusion, the subjective and objective value are basic concept of interpretations.
Imagery is the element of poetry that used to make poetry life. It is means that imagery is the element of imagination for reader to describe what reader feel using their senses. The using of senses to read and understand the poetry is the main purposes of the imagery in poetry. According to Steven Croft and Hellen Cross (as cited in Damanhuri 2011, p.8) explain that image is a tool that can help us to feel with our senses to understand or describe what the writer tries to tell in the literary works. Based on this explanation, imagery is a media for the writer to describe their senses to understand or describe what the literary works means. It also can called an aid tool to imagine the reader’s senses to describe the literary works.
Kinds of Imagery
According to Laurence Perrine and
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It can said that organic imagery is the imagery that represent human organ to understand the meaning of the poetry. The example of organic imagery are hungry, thirsty, or paint.
Kinesthetic Imagery
Kinesthetic imagery is the imagery that relates to the senses of movement or tension in the muscle or joints. Something that relates to the movement or activation inside of the poetry called kinesthetic imagery.
Previous Study
The main focus of this study is to find and analyze the imagery of Edgar Allan Poe’s poem Tamerlane. In other words, this study using poem tittle Tamerlane to be the source of the data in this study. In this study will take two previous study about the Tamerlane
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