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For many immigrant families moving into the U.S the culture shock is significant. Families can easily be overwhelmed by their need to fit into their new surroundings. This is especially true for children in these families. It is easy for children to get caught up in the American way of life, and that can cause the original culture to be forgotten. That is why the adults in these families have to enforce their native culture on their children, so the adults can make sure that those customs are not forgotten. There are several benefits to parents forcing their way of life on their children. First, it helps make sure the original culture is not forgotten. In "Ethnic Trump" Gish decides to enroll her son Luke in Chinese Cultural School. She does…show more content…
Sophie and Martine both speak Creole and English. This was how Martine made sure Sophie never forgot her native language and how she was able to communicate so well with her aunt and grandma during her visit to Haiti. Bong was also able to enjoy his trip to Korea because he was able to speak the language. My mother was really proud of me when I finally graduated ESOL. However, even after I graduated my mother never stopped talking to me in Spanish. She did not want me to forget my first…show more content…
They feel that leaving their original culture behind will help these families learn the language faster and not feel like outsiders in their communities. However, most of these families meet those goals without not having to give up their original culture. The minute these families arrive in the U.S they are exposed to the American way of life, whenever they run errands or go to work they are learning the language and the laws. When the children go to school, they will learn these things as well. Every day they will learn something new. Families do not need to forget their original culture to become good

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