Essay On Immigration Impact On The Economy

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Until this day, people still have a misconception about immigrants and don’t realize how immigration can benefit the economy. Native-born americans argue that immigrants don’t contribute deeply to the United States as a nation. Therefore, this paper is going to analyze two articles written by Camarota and Bush to determine what they say about the impact that immigration has on the economy. Some of the arguments that Bush stated is the effects of immigrants in the U.S. labor force and the income for natives. The author Steven Camarota argued that immigrants and natives compete within one another to get a job. Immigrants migrating to the U.S. is affecting the gross domestic product and it is not benefiting the native-born population.
The article “Immigration’s Economic Impact,” highlights some important facts that immigrants benefit the U.S. labor force and the income of natives in a positive way. The article gives brief examples on how immigrants contribute to the economy when they purchase items. According to Bush “In this scenario the opportunity to work abroad temporarily can help finance large purchases or investments (like a house, car, or new business) in home
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economy and now theirs job competition between immigrants and natives. According to Camarota, “There are 93 occupations in which at least 20 percent of workers are immigrants.” Therefore stating that native-born americans have to compete against immigrants for the same jobs. Especially when economic times are rough, americans struggle to find jobs in order to support their families. The author also mentions that their is a misconception that immigrants only do the jobs americans don’t want, when in fact they account for 20 percent in 93 occupations. Additionally with immigrants in the workforce it would shift the labor supply curve to the right. Meaning that there would be more resources to be allocated in different
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