Essay On Immigration Issues In America

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Immigration and racism issues have always been a strong discussion here in America. “The United States of America originated based on immigration. All the original ancestors from the great 13 colonies all migrated from Europe” (Immigration). Unless you are a true Native American, then your ancestors are immigrants. America is not the wonderful free land and melting pot that it is advertised to be. In America, we are still dealing with racial and immigration issues. “There are a lot of Americans who believe that immigration is hurting our country” (Vargas 2011). They believe that they are stealing our jobs. Some Americans agree that a wall should be built to keep these immigrants out. As well as building a wall, there are some in favor of kicking out Americans who are already here based on race and religion. For example, Republican candidate Donald Trump has spoken out against Latinos, Blacks, Arabs and Muslims. He has an immense number of supporters who agree with what he says. This speaks a lot about our country. Donald Trump has exposed the deep-rooted racism that America has spent years trying to rebuild.…show more content…
This movement has given those who have felt abused and mistreated a voice to speak out. A main concern and issue for the movement has been the police brutality against the African-American community. People are outraged and furious by the constant violence and brutal force against innocent civilians. They believe this is the cause of underlying racism that is still prevalent within our society. The fact that the phrase black lives matter must be constantly spoken to the world means that there is a problem. I like many others believe that all lives matter. Your race and background should not determine if you matter or not. Fifty years ago, segregation was abolished here in the United States, however the mindset and deep rooted hatred towards those of colors

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