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What Does Hiring an Attorney Mean to an Immigration Case? U.S. Immigration laws and immigration forms are complex. Though U.S. Immigration and Citizenship (USCIS) forms come with detailed form instructions, many find it difficult to complete applications. So such people seek the help of immigration attorneys who can save their time and money by helping them with the immigration process. Most immigration attorneys make sure the applications are complete. While people applying for green cards or other immigration benefits are not required to hire attorneys, many believe that professional guidance will help them make sure that they can successfully file their forms. This post will help such applicants decide whether or not they need the help…show more content…
Only those who pass the bar exams will be licensed by the bar associations in their respective states. These lawyers will be insured against malpractices. So if they do something wrong or something that hurts their clients, their insurance policies will compensate the clients. Paralegals are those who have had training in legal paperwork and who hold certificates from the schools they studied to be paralegals. They will have knowledge in filling out forms and the documents that need to be filed with the filled out forms. Most paralegals take national exams and are members of the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA). Similar to lawyers, these paralegals also would be insured against malpractices. People need to understand the difference between lawyers, paralegals and accredited representatives. These representatives are not lawyers or paralegals. They wouldn’t have gone to law schools or passed any exams. These representatives are people who are certified by Board of Immigration Appeals to represent immigrants in court. These representatives are also allowed to represent immigrants at immigration interviews. They mostly work for charity or for a reduced

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