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What is the impact of utilizing immobilized enzymes in the lactose industry? Introduction Enzymes are protein molecules that act as catalysts (they speed up chemical reactions) in living organisms. Enzymes are specified, however, they are not permanently specified- they do not change from reactions, which allows them to be reused. Despite the fact that they can be reused, if enzymes are in a solution with their reactants, it is difficult to separate them. Without enzymes, the chemical reactions in our body would be too slow to keep us alive. ("Who Am I?") Immobilized enzymes are enzymes that are static; they are attached to their reactor so that they can easily be removed from their products. There are several advantages of using immobilized enzymes; they are easily retractable from their substrate, therefore, it is quick to put/remove the enzymes in the substrate to start/stop the reaction. ("Benefits of Immobilizing an Enzyme.") The enzyme does not contaminate the end product from the reaction, as immobilized enzymes do not mix freely. There is no need for…show more content…
("Lactose Intolerance: Prevalence, Symptoms and Diagnosis.") Although lactose intolerance prevents people from eating many foods with lactose such as; milk chocolate, ice cream, cream soups, muesli bars and some biscuits and cakes- it does not prevent them from eating the nutrients they need for a balanced diet, in fact, there are many substitutes for products and recipes for people who are lactose intolerant. They can try to substitute regular milk for lactose-free milk, almond milk or maybe soymilk, increase the amount of calcium in their diet by eating leafy green vegetables such as; spinach or kale or eating seafood and substitute sherbet in place of ice cream. ("8 Food Substitutes for Lactose

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