Immunologist Career Essay

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Planet Earth has a population of 7.6 billion people ( My future, like so many others, depends on opportunities that come across in my life. There definitely isn’t 7.6 billion jobs on Earth, so the problem I’m faced with is finding a job that fits me even though I have competition for work. I researched the career of immunology because of the interesting field of work. If I’m going to be successful I’ll need to get a job, so with that being said I’d want a job that excites me. Immunology is a key to medical modern advances, and I would be glad to be apart of the advancement of medicine. Before modern times, medicine wasn’t as realizable. Civilizations throughout history have been able to advance medicine. Even though Egyptians were well known for being very healthy, their practices are not comparable to modern medicine. The ancient Chinese contributed to advances in medicine. One of the most important developments they had was traditional…show more content…
Immunologists can be found everywhere, but that doesn’t mean some places aren’t better to live in then others. Kind of like how a funeral director needs people to die, an immunologist needs people to have allergies. The best places to be an Immunologist in is areas with a high pollen count. States like Mississippi, Tennessee, Texas, Kentucky, New York, and California all have very large pollen blooms throughout the changes of seasons ( My personal choice out of those states in Tennessee because of the cost of living. California and New York aren’t budget consciousness’s places to live, the cost of living there is a pretty penny. However, a state like Tennessee has a respectable cost of living and the state itself is absolutely beautiful. Even though it seems cruel to say, an immunologist needs to locate himself in an area where many people suffer from allergies if he truly wants to make
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