Essay On The Impact Of Advertising On Buying Behavior

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Advertising plays a vital role in a competitive era. With all major and minor players in the market trying to impress the ‘lord of the market’, the consumer, advertising becomes an important tool among others in trying to persuade the consumer to buy a particular brand. Whether new or old, market leader or new entrant, everyone has an advertising strategy. However, over the years, doubts have been raised on the effectiveness of advertising and its impact on consumers. In a lot of cases, the impact of advertising has found to be negligible and also to an extent negative since, people believe that advertisements is all about half-truth and full lies. Also, the lack
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2. Table Showing Time Spent on watching Television in Vadodara
Time N N%
30 Min. 78 15.6
60 Min. 134 26.8
120 Min. 222 44.4
180 or More Min. 66 13.2
Total 500 100
Mean (Minutes) 98
T-value 31.158 p=0.00
Chi Square 54.556 p=0.00

From the data collected, it was observed that majority of the respondents watch television for 1 hour to 2 hours (71.2%). This implies that there is substantial exposure to television advertisements. Apart from TV advertisements, respondents also are exposed to newspapers, radio and the internet. All the respondents surveyed in this research said that they read newspapers, listen to radio and use the internet.
After ascertaining the exposure levels of respondents to advertisements through various media types, detailed analysis was carried out specifically regarding the advertisements to which they are exposed on a routine basis.
Table No.3 shows which factor influences respondents the most when they are watching

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