Essay On Impact Of Advertising On Buying Behaviour

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1 – Abstract
A study on the Impact of advertisement on the purchase behaviour of customers, this study is carried out to understand the effectiveness of advertisement on the purchasing behaviour of customers. Advertising is a factor that is used for building, creating and sustaining brands. Advertisements shows a main role in persuading, informing and reminding both potential and existing consumers towards making a brand decision. Advertising is the non-personal communication of the information typically paid for and influential in nature about products, services or ideas by recognised sponsors through the numerous media. The advertiser aims to spread his ideas about the products and offerings between the prospects. Promotion of the products
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Also most of customers are involved in branded products. It can be seen that momentary price discounts impact a significant aspect in buying decision, and sponsorship has an adverse effect on buyers. Many customers go at fairs and exhibitions concerned by the new products, by the producer's prices or the variety of supply. Online advertisements also influences the buying behaviour of customers to a main extent.
Article 3
(Priyanka, 2012)This study has found out that Overall in a study on impact of online advertising on consumer behaviour, the outcomes which came from the survey which is conducted over the 100 number of people from Lucknow (Raja ji Puram & Alambagh) city. It is found out that Internet users of all age groups of people have the similar perception towards the online advertisements.
Article 4
(RAVIKUMAR, 2015)In this study since all the respondents are women, it is found that the attitude towards visual media advertisements and women consumers buying behaviour are directly related with each other. Advertising value is closely related with women consumers’ attitude towards visual media

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