Essay On Impact Of Globalisation On Culture

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Globalisation is a process of interaction and integration between people of different nations, so that the world becomes more interconnected and interdependent. This process leads to the exchange of world views, products, and ideas across nations. Hence, it has a huge influence in many aspects of our lives, one of it being our culture. According to the Oxford Dictionary, ‘culture’ is defined as the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular people or society. It has evolved and changed positively and negatively since the start of humankind and globalisation is one of its factors. Beneficial impacts of globalisation on culture may include how there will be increased cultural diversity, as well as how there will be increase in harmony…show more content…
As cultural ideas are being shared across the globe, the cultural lifestyles of many have shaped and changed, resulting in similar practices of people around the world. In the today’s context, Western culture has one of the greatest influence on other cultures such as in Asia(why?). It has shaped our lifestyles in many ways, from the way we dress, our eating habits and our recreational activities. For example, in Asia, one can see the popularity of American pop music as well as movies and films. This influence of Western culture causes a shift in the cultural disposition of many people to conform to the ways of the dominant culture(why?). This leads to the cultural practices and lifestyles of people around the world to be similar. For instance, you can find people all over the world wearing jeans, or consuming food from any culture within your own country. This results in many cultural practices which are unique to the race to slowly be gone as people adopt the practices of other cultures, hence losing the unique identity of the original
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