Essay On Impact Of Ict On Work Life

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The Impact of ICT on My Personal and Work Life

What is ICT and how it has Impacted my Private and Working Life.
Information Communications Technology is the infrastructure and components that enable modern computing (Anon., 2007). People use digital technology daily such as when on a computer, a mobile phone, emailing, digital camera, browsing the internet and making video calls (Anon., 2017). ICT impact on Social Life: ICT is used in several ways for us to communicate and to keep in contact with our family, friends and local community. This will reduce the need to leave our home to chat to people like family, friends, neighbours or work colleagues. Emails can be accessed on phones, laptops and computers, and
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More and more people rely on ICT daily which have led them to oversharing their personal information on apps such as Facebook, Instagram and snapchat.
Because the so-called tracking cookies collect our browsing habits in shopping on websites or the ‘pop up’ pages on Facebook, feed spammers’ databases to be engulfed with tons of spam (Anon., n.d.).
There are many recent advances in Information Technology. They have threatened people’s privacy and reduced the amount of control over personal data. This opens possibilities of many negatives consequences and concerns due to the revealing of personal data. But at the same time, personal data is a key asset for businesses on their potential customers (Anon., 2014).
Information and Communications Technologies security issues and concerns have become more prevalent ad increasingly complex because of the speed of technology implementation continues to grow (Anon., 2017).
Unemployment Less people are employed due to ICT. Workplaces such as a factory, employ less people due to computer controlled robots, which work faster and a lot longer, therefore technicians and machinists are replaces (Anon.,
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