Essay On Impact Of Information Technology On Travel And Tourism

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Introduction Impact of information technology in travel and tourism industry Tourism has a significant economic impact at an international, domestic and regional level. This impact is underlined by statistical evidence (World Travel and Tourism Council, 2004; World Tourism Organization, 1999) demonstrating the significance of tourism in terms of GDP, employment and economic development. The tourism industry can be seen as one of the first business sectors where business functions are almost exclusively using information and communications technologies (ICT) (Garzotto et al. 2004). Information Technology (IT) and ICT has played an important role in the development of tourism. Computerised reservations Systems (CRS) were among the first applications of IT worldwide. The industry is one of the more successful areas of e-commerce because it is largely consumer oriented and since services and the provision of information is at its centre. Werthner & Klein (1999) suggest tourism is a hybrid industry since even though it is dominated by the provision of information, essentially it is about a physical product. This requires the ‘seamless integration…show more content…
This has been possible due to the development in ecommerce. It is now possible for customers to view and choose various travel and tourism options by surfing the internet through their mobile phones. Short messaging services also provide a lot of information as the booking confirmation can simply be presented to the airline or the hotel and one is allowed to enjoy the service. The emergence of new and high tech mobile phones has again stirred a revolution in mobile technology. This is especially helpful as these phones allow a user to access internet and book services online. Hence, one can also book tour packages and other travel related services through the
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