Essay On Impact Of Internet On Society

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The Impact of Internet on the Society As the famous narrator, J.K.Rowling, once mentioned, “The Internet has been a boon and a curse for teenagers.” The Internet has clearly transformed the computer and communications globe like nothing before. It has its advantages and although it plays a major part in our everyday life, it has its disadvantages as well. Do you ever question yourself how many people use the Internet nowadays? More than 2 billion people use the Internet. It is very complicated to even fathom the idea of knowing that at any specified instant, someone in the world being connected to it for one motive or another. The definition of the Internet is long enough to be discussed; the positive impacts as well as the negative impacts are bulky too. The Internet is not only a network; it is also one of the most important socio-cultural changes. Simply defined, the Internet is a global…show more content…
However, after examining and analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet, it can be assumed that the Internet has turn out to be a part and bundle of human life due to the pros and cons of the Internet since a person is not able to do anything but to use it to begin and complete one 's research. Particularly suitable accessibility to the Internet has completed research very easily within a short period of time as evaluated with the long periods of times in the past days. On the other hand, not to speak of building an individual 's self-confidence, the Internet is being used to do research in one 's mother language that can be translated by the Internet from English to French, Chinese, Polish, and German etc. It can be concluded that despite the disadvantages the Internet has, its advantages hold additional significance for the idea of
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