Essay On Impact Of Online Gaming On Youth

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THE IMPACTS OF ONLINE GAMING ON YOUTH Nowadays, internet has become really popular in almost every country. It can be used for a lot of purposes, for example, send an email for work and school purposes or to communicate with friends from another country. Internet is also used for people who like to communicate with others using social media, like Path, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Tumblr, and Line. Another kind of Internet usage is for online gaming. Online game has become really popular amongst adolescents around the world. Many of them are playing online game every day. Online games’ popularity has made them develop rapidly. It influences many teenagers in many ways. This essay will explain the positive and negative effects of gaming on adolescents such as the affect of online gaming to the suicidal rate on online youth, the affect on youth’s creativity and critical thinking, and the affect of online gaming on developing youth’s cognitive and social skills. Online gaming addiction has become a concern as it affects the suicidal rate on youth. Internet addiction has been associated with aggressive behaviours, insomnia, and other psychological health issues on youth. Online games addiction gives a great impact on youth psychology as they play the games for a few hours every day. If the game contains violence, it can effect adolescents into violence acts.…show more content…
Online games can give a great impact on them, like improving their social skills and their creativity; it can also develop their critical thinking as long as it can be controlled. Time management need to be taught to these adolescents so they can manage their time well. If they can manage their time well, they will get the positive effects of online gaming. Adults around the adolescents also need to monitor those youths gaming activity so they will not get into the negative sides of online game like cyber bullying or aggressive

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