Essay On Impact Of Social Media On Consumer Behaviour

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Negative Impacts Another study stated that consumers were irritated with the lack of choice in relation to advertisements being placed within the content of their profile. They felt they had a lack of control over their online representations of themselves. For example, advertisements within videos, placed advertisements, those that started automatically with some sort of movement, dialogue or noise, advertisements associated with the area in which they lived are typically ignored by respondents. Consumers are there to be social, not to look for advertisements. Customers also stated that advertisements were rarely relevant to their age and interests and so there was no motivation to check them out. The potential for viruses and trust issues also affected customer’s willingness to click on advertisements. Consumers feel SNSs have become over-commercialised. Trust…show more content…
Consumers do not like the advertisements and there is lack of trust to some extent.
Literature shows that tools such as social media signify a move to the empowered consumer, who has control over the extent and type of messages they are exposed to. As control is increasingly in the hands of the consumer, creating and conveying the right message which consumers want to receive and one to which they will respond positively – is necessary.
As Kozinets (1999) maintains, consumers will increasingly use social media to say no to forms of marketing that are being pushed upon them or that they do not agree with. Consumers do not like to be pushed into buying. They are being denied control and are responding negatively towards these marketing tactics. Pop-ups, roll-overs, and flashing and noisy advertisements are prime examples. These advertisements grabbed their attention but in all the wrong ways and served only to disrupt the user experience. Studies show that SNSs has become over commercialized and served only to clutter

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