Essay On Impact Of Social Media On Youth

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With each passing day time is surely changing, due to this drastic change in the society the preference of people is also changing. In fact it is truly appropriate to say the revolutionary bang of internet has undoubtedly made the life of people easy and hassle free. These days we are living in a world where distance does not really matter with the help of single click we are sharing our thoughts and journeys with everyone.
U.A.E is among the most develop countries in middle east the government is also enforcing their best efforts to make sure that internet should be within the reach of every citizen, due to easy access of internet people’s demand for social networking sites is also increasing (Facebook, twitter, instagram). According
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Media also become very advanced and you can send your messages in just one click and person will received in on same time, still it is developing and more and more people are attracting toward it. The social media has changed the whole world and in just few minutes, people can be aware with every incident happened and any part of the word.
Like other countries in UAE social media is also growing rapidly and especially it is facilitating youth in many aspects mainly in their advanced studies and getting information they required. The UAE society is well known for his tradition and they give values to their tradition. But in the presence to Social Media, youth communicate directly to the society and it has become a threat to their traditions. The impact of advanced social media is obvious in social, national and even religious occasions. The conventional method is struggling to compete with modern method. Therefore social media is blamed to destroy the convention social relation. The solid and deep impact of social media has changed the life style of UAE youth

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