Essay On Impact Of Social Media

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Social Media Impact Social media is a platform that we used these days. Everyone use social media for many reasons, for example to socializing with people from the other region, do online bussiness and many more benefit. But there’s also negative impact and now we are going to discuss about those impact, both for negative and positive impact. First, we are going to discuss about the negative impact of social media. Social media has a forum that we can fill our information. When we fill our information, people can see it too. But, sometimes bad people can track down our activities from the information we fill. Also, criminals can hack our data for their necessity. We can be lazy because of spending too much time at social media. We are not…show more content…
We got an entertaint from social media. For example is from Youtube, Instagram and many more. From videos, audios, webtoon and jokes can be found in social media. And for the last positive impact is the latest trend in our daily life. It’s do online bussiness. No neeed to worry if you don’t have enough capital, because we didn’t need open the shop or buying place to sell our stuff. We just need a phone, social media than just broadcast your online shop from social media. We as a buyer got a positive impact too. Like, we didn’t need waste our energy to walk around for just search one thing. With social media, we can easily search the things we want. We didn’t cost for transportation and energy. We can know from the cheapest one untill the expensive. So, that’s all for the positive and negative that can we got from social media. As we can see, the negative are horrifying but the positive are captivating. The worst thing we got from the negative is from mental issue untill death but the positive thing that we got is from know a lot people untill do online bussiness. So, for the best advice that i can tell is please use social media wisely. Don’t get too incited, you need to know the limit before it’s all got too
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