Essay On Impact Of Social Networking On Students

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The impact social networking sites can be good on students but if we look closer on social networking sites. Today the social networking sites plays an important role in ruining the future and carrier of students. The social networking websites like,,, and etc. are continuously disturbing students from their studies. As The students main focus for using such social networking sites should be education but unfortunately the student are using social networking sites for complete wastage of time. As the Social Networking sites was only the connection between many users but the social networking become wastage of time for students, teenagers and even adults.
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Keywords: Social Networking, Education, Students, Impact of Social Networks.
1. Introduction
Internet the essential part of our daily life. The large numbers of things that can be done using the internet like communication, Research, Education and so it is very important. As We can say that with the progress in the internet technology we are progressing in every sphere of life as it not makes our tasks easier but it saves a lot of time. Today it is used for various purposes depending upon the requirement. It is a very large scale users who use the internet for education purposes but there are also a very large number of community including majority of teenager and adults those use Internet only for social networking.
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