Essay On Impact Of Stress On Students

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Impact of stress on students

In our daily life, we have to cope with many changes that we may or may not enjoy and in college, the same thing happens. In high school, students often rely on teachers so when the students go to university, they will struggle with changes. They will realize that they have to do their work on their own, taking responsibility to a new level. This is when stress occurs.

What is stress? Stress happens when people feel they are overwhelmed with work and cannot cope with the pressure that it brings. Stress overall makes people concern and worry (Stress management society, n.d.). Stress has two sides to it. Stress makes students’ life more interesting because they have to face challenges and therefore when the students
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They have to learn to adapt to new traditions and celebrations. Each country has its own culture and when a student move to another country, they may face culture shock. It is because of changes like how people call each other or what people eat. For example, Americans call the elderly by names while Asians call the elderly by Mr., Mrs. or Grandma, Grandpa to show respect. So when two people from different culture meet, they can be shocked by how each other talks. Stress comes when students try to familiarize with the new culture and therefore, they will face challenges when dealing with the changes.

Another impact of stress on college students is the language barrier. When students go abroad and they do not know clearly the language, they might feel confused. The students will feel that it is harder to make friends when they do not speak the language fluently. Friends are crucial in the role of helping students to study and reduce stress. Many research shows that the feelings of anxiety, depression, and alienation link to a lack of contact with friends in the host country. (Trice, 2004) Therefore, in order to stay positive, students need to improve their language so that making friend is

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