Essay On Impact Of Technology In Education

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Abstract The technology has a very important role to play in this modern world. It plays a major role in one’s life. Technology can be used in forecasting the basis of growth of an economy. A nation with the poor technology can never grow in today’s world. This is mainly because of the reason that technology has made our work much easier and less time consuming. Coming to impact of technology, it can be felt in almost every possible field, one such field is Education. As we have considered technology in education, we must consider the impact of that technology on the students, especially students in higher education. What role does technology have for different students of higher education? This research article will show a correlation between…show more content…
This research paper clearly describes some of the major impacts of technology on education through the experiences of students. Introduction Technology is one of the most important tools in the field of education. Technology helps the students to understand the concepts easier and also have a clear idea about the subject matter. In the present scenario, technology is not only beneficiary to the student, but it is also helpful to the teachers. Use of technological advancements, tools, modern gadgets have made classes more interesting, and also helped the teachers to grab the attention of the students. In simple it has made the life of both the parties easier. Today many types of technology serve in the field of education. Some of the shapes of technology are simple to understand, where as other forms are so complex. Technology has been serving in the field of education from past few years, With the integration of technology in education, the behavior of students in class is more active. Today, Students are more active in their learning
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