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The Impact of Technology on communications In this essay I am going to discuss about the impact of technology on communications . I will be focusing on topics which include modes of communication of technology . Both the advantages and disadvantages of the communication method the advances of technology within communications and legislation in connection with privacy . Modes of technology in communication
Within technology there are many modes of communications , these include Face-to-face, audio , video and text-based , these are the basic umbrella forms of communication .
There are many advantages of using technology in modern day to communicate verbally ie skype , Facetime , whatsapp and also through text like Facebook Messenger , Viber and SMS. Within this essay I will be focusing on the impact of technology on communications within the sector of
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This act emphasizes the responsibilities of employer‘s, the self-employed, employees and other parties in relation to safety and health . The role of the Health and Safety Authority is give the range of measures that may be applied and specifies penalties that may be applied for breach of occupational safety and health. Conclusion In my opinion, communication technology helps people many ways. Communication Technology helps people easily communicate to others and makes life more convenient. Although communication brings a lot of benefits, but have disadvantages too. So, people must responsible while using the communication technology properly. In addition, the communication technology had a major impact on the world as it taken over replacing a lot of jobs. I believe that communication technology will get better and bigger more each

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