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The Impact of Technology on Classes and Students Every day, we are witnessing an increasing tendency to use technology in education. In recent years, the impact of technology in the education and training process has been highly regarded by governments. One of the concerns of instructors could be to increase students ' interest in the classroom. One of the important impacts of technology is to enhance students ' motivation and self-esteem and increase team collaboration. Hence, the role of teachers and educators in attracting the students ' participation and interest is very high and requires more awareness of them. When students use daytime technology as a tool for communicating with others, they will play an active role instead of a…show more content…
In school, students choose to work on technology-based projects during the fun or lunch period. Teachers also emphasize the benefits of technology to a greater extent for student advancement. Compared to traditional classes and its emphasis on verbal knowledge and multi-choice tests, technology provides a different set of challenges and ways to show students what they receive. As mentioned, one of the technology-related effects emphasized by many teachers are increasing students ' self-esteem. After gaining the skills in the technology-based tasks, they also have the ability to feel, and their awareness of the value attached to the technology-based tasks in our culture have led to an increase in students ' self-esteem. In this technology oriented classes the teachers know that the students can do things with the computer that their parents do not come up with before and there 's something in between that makes them a very special person. Students are obviously relaxed to being able to use the same computer-based tools that people use. Even elementary students are able to gain a significant level of skills with a wide range of computer software. According to a large number of teachers, the impact of other technologies is the greater willingness of students to engage in collaborative learning and participation in

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