Essay On Impact Of Technology On Music

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The impact of technology on music in the last century has revolutionized the way we market and listen to the music itself. Over these past one-hundred years or so there has been new inventions to listen to music, to record music, and to modify music. Americans have come a long way from watching shows in a theater and taking home that piece of sheet music to play it for yourself and your family simply downloading a song on an electronic device that can store the song.
Before sheet music, music was passed down orally through families and close ones that listened. There was no outsourcing beyond the town or the individuals that partake in the singing at the moment. Oral tradition was very common in small towns without much technology and oral
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Radio became a product of the mass-market. Manufacturers were overwhelmed by the demand for radios because customers stood in line to get their radios from them or shops are in the United States. Families would usually gather around their radios for their nighttime entertainment and they would listen to either music or announcements through the radio. Radio started broadcasting popular music classical music sporting events weather reports market updates and politics. Electronic music was used for performances that were developed at the end of the 19th century in shortly after word people explored sounds that are not been considered musical. “Shake, Rattle, and Roll” was made by another group and it sounded different with electronic music, and it very much changed the song. From the 1950s and on, many people used a television set to listen to music and see live performances while at home. In the twentieth century, new technology has come out. Mobile devices are now a major way of listening to music on different platforms. People can just listen to music or they can watch a video while listening to the music. Looking back one hundred years from now, people across the globe have come a long
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