Essay On The Impact Of Terrorism On Human

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Impact of terrorism on human kind: The history of terrorism is as old as human’s willingness to use violence to affect politics. The sicarii were a first century Jewish group who murdered enemies and collaborators in their campaign to oust their Roman rulers from Judea. If we will look to the west we find Terrorism in Europe in violent form since three decades. These instances have become a part of political reality. Americans have protected themselves from such terrorist’sattacks until Sep 11. 2001. They however persuaded all the countries globally to suppress the world wide terrorism, aided countries for which the terrorism was looming clouds on a large scale causing threat to the peace for their country and to the world. American tried their best…show more content…
Terrorism is said to mean to inflict injury on civilians and to create some sort of a fear, generally for furtherance of political purposes. It does not matter for any secular and religious purposes. Terrorism is more heinous than any other ordinary crimes. They are just not mere criminal actions but much more than that. They entail more systematic approach and planning and very systematic strategic means to achieve their ends. They have always involved political strategies of fear, coercion and armed conflicts. They have become convenient instruments to use coercive forces on other states for conducive foreign policies. Terrorism is not only a problem politically and militarily but it is also a societal problem. The consequences of terrorism are such that the individuals lose their very rights which they are legal entitled in other words they cannot enjoy their rights and liberties to which they are rightfully entitled to. The impact of terrorism was felt across the world. The government and the states become de-stabilized; the civil society is undermined, imperils the peace and security, and endangers the economic and social

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