Essay On Impact Of Tourism In Nepal

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Tourism is one of the largest and most dynamic international sectors. Its rapid growth, the continuous development of infrastructures, the flow of foreign exchange and the introduction of advanced management technologies have made positive and negative impacts to social and economic development. Thus, this reflective essay will analyze and focus mainly on my recent trip to Nepal.

For the positive economic impacts, I’ve observed that some tourism in Nepal comprise the provision of employment tourist attractions to people living in the area. An example of this is the Chitwan National Park, which only hire local residents because it helps to benefit the economic of the country. It showed that tourism also help to develop and improve local services and infrastructure, such as rebuilding of highways and roads positively impact both of the locals and tourists who come to visit. However tourism has some negative effects, including rising prices in cities and towns experiencing mass tourism. If businesses realize they can get more money from tourists, the price of property, goods and services will increase.
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By having a multicultural nation, it has taken many people 's prejudices against different nationalities. Due to the potential tourist attractions, it showed that tourism might also help to preserve and maintain the local communities, traditions and cultures. However, the negative social impact of tourism in Nepal sometimes outweighs the positive impact. It does not work well and can lead to conflicts among nations, although the idea of a nationally pluralized nation is favorable most of the time. Often, people of one nationality will eventually live in the same area that is not subject to social

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