Essay On Impact Of Video Games On Family

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How have Video games impacted family life?

Nitant Patel
Thompson Rivers University.

To play video games are good or bad for you? It can be both (This is not a good thesis and research question if you can answer it in the first paragraph). Video games have some positive as well as negative effects to the entire family. In today’s world (Get rid of it) video and computer games have become a basic part of kid’s life. Sometimes parents can’t understand their kids what they do or why they do. Video games gives some positive result to the children and families like games can help children & families to develop skills in areas such as reading also increase their concentration, problem solving skills and collaboration?. Video games can
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Video game also introduce your children to technology and the online world. It also increases their brain power. Self confidence and self esteem as he masters in games (run on sentence, revise). Video games can improve your kid’s decision making speed. According to a study from the University of Rochster, people who played action based video and computer games made decision 25% faster than others without sacrificing accuracy (Source??? Who is saying this? Why should I care? Are they credible?). As a parents we have to choose those game which helps develop yours children’s brain. Some video games are also available to play with family, so it gives positive result to the family. You can feel relax and stress free as working whole day when playing video games. It is can help family bonding…show more content…
They may spend less time in other activity such as study, food, interacting with family and friends. Playing long hours of video games can affect their academic performance in school. If they spend more time in playing video games then they can’t devote time to other activities. Video game affect their health and they become a lazy. It can lead to obesity, muscular, skeletal and postural disorders, never (nerve?) compression and numbness in hands, elbows and

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