Essay On Imperial Presidency

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In Imperial Presidency, imperial presidency is defined as constitutional power is upset in favor of presidential power and at the expense of presidential accountability, the presidency can be said to become imperial (Schelesinger 1). Imperial presidency is completely tyrannical and makes this country an authortian state. It goes against what our constiutition intended us to be. There is no longer a checks in power; let alone a democracy. I don’t agree with one sole person having power over this country but I also do not agree with congress making the decisions in a time of crisis. I would propose having a cabinet that the american people choose to overlook the president for foreign matters and crisis. Arguably, we have that concept and it’s…show more content…
Bush. Coincidentally when Congress was out of session, Bush deployed 11,000 troops to overthrow Noriega. His justification? National security and imminent danger. Let’s disregard that deploying that many of our men to overthrow a government is something that should be passed by Congress. An argument that is made is the notion of Congress not having enough time to deliberate and declare war. What if the country is suddenly attacked? Is it fair for the country to sit on their hands and wait for them to make up their minds when action needs to be taken immediately. The argument of a state of emergency is the loophole that the presidents over time have used to their advantage. Schlesinger says of the Cold War-era presidency, “The imperial presidency was essentially the creation of foreign policy. A combination of doctrines and emotions – belief in permanent and universal crisis, fear of communism, faith in the duty and right of the United States to intervene swiftly in every part of the world – had brought about an unprecedented centralization of decisions over war and peace in the presidency.”(Schlesinger 208). Playing to the constant fear of communism emerging after World War II, presidents have used that as enough of a justification to send our troops away. Surpassing congress by saying we were in imminent danger and essentially, what
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