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“Advertising is a form of communication relayed from companies to persuade an audience to purchase or spread awareness about a particular product or a campaign." "This communication is through various forms of paid media such as television, radio, print, internet etc.” “India in the 21st centuary has witnessed a huge customer revolution." "Indian advertising has transformed itself overtime to match the changing needs and demands of the newly emancipated population.” “According to advertising experts, advertising has shifted considerably as compared to the earlier decade and even the last few years. Service oriented sectors have increased in numbers more than production and manufacturing sector. "This has made a huge impact on advertising in…show more content…
Advertising is one thing which has become a necessity for everybody in today’s day to day life, be it the producer, the traders, or the customer. Advertising is an important part. The importance of Advertising are: 1) “Advertising is important for the customers Advertising plays a very important role in the life of the people in todays era.Customers are the people who buy the product only after they are made awareabout the products and services available by the company. If the product is not advertised, no one will know about the product and thus no one will buy it even if the product is beneficial. Another feature of advertising is that it helps the people distinguish between what is right and what is wrong for them. When they are aware about the products available to them, they can compare and then buy the product which suits their ned and their budget.” 2) “Advertising is important for the seller and companies producing the products Advertising is important for both the producers as well for the consumers. It helps the consumers to know about the new products introduced to the market as well as informs other producers to be aware about their

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