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Bones can be found all over the human body, it is basically one of the main reasons why the body functions, and every single bone in the body is needed, including the teeth. Even the animals have bones, that's how important it is to a living thing, but what makes it so important though? Keep reading to find out IMPORTANCE OF BONES TO THE BODY MOVEMENT The bones as well as the muscle of the body works together so well that they could actually sometimes identified as one and it is called the musculoskeletal system. Some of the bones are attached to the muscles, but some of them doesn't really need to be, because there are certain muscles that needs to be affiliated with the other organs like the heart as well as the digestive system. However, every muscle that has to be moved needs to have some bones in it and these bands of tissues are actually called tendons. SUPPORT The bones play such a huge role when it comes to supporting the body's structure. The bones are actually considered to the the most rigid and the hardest part of the body aside from the teeth. A research conducted by the National Naval Medical Center found that the human body is actually just a tissue with a shapeless blob if the bones are not there to support it. PRODUCTION OF BLOOD CELLS The insides of the bones are actually known to be the center of the center of the…show more content…
It has almost the same benefits of walking, however, when you walk, you are often only exercising most of your legs, but when you dance, every bone in your body stretches. Dancing is also a fun way of exercising. A lot of people are at risk of osteoporosis because of their lack of exercise during their younger years. Exercise can be boring at times so why not just try dancing. The ideal age when you need to start thinking about your bones is in your early 20s, according to researchers, it is the best time to build stronger

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