Essay On Importance Of Cinema

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The cinema is a complex phenomenon and its true global importance is gradually being appreciated. The historical occurrences of the twentieth century has provided empirical evidence for the definition of cinema as an instrument of political power, despite Lumiere’s misguided proclamation that the future holds little potential for the new medium. Most significantly, cinema is recognized as a form of escapism during the harsh political, social and economic turmoil of the recent century. “Nowadays, in enlightened societies, there is a better appreciation of the need to ensure [cinema’s] proper development in the national interest both internally and in respect of a country’s relations with other countries and its place in the world” At the turn of the century, films provided a medium of education with the promotion of an awareness and mass-fascination by introducing occurrences and making closer the increasing…show more content…
Therefore, its influential or intrusive form inspires ideological thought by representing basic human beliefs and actions with a power that evokes the shaping and forming of opinions – “an ideology that converys an attitude toward everything from the trivial to the profound, from what we eat for breakfast to whether we should go to war”(Biskind, 2000: 2). Thus, the controversial subjectivity of this medium is arguably the essence to the influential power it holds. Therefore, the integration of “the film” and “the political” requires an analytical approach in the area of international relations in a manner which is dedicated to the awareness of the macro-political state of the factual world. Without such a cautious approach, this new medium may easily transform from educational to manipulative or ignorance-inducing. – “Are films more serious than we at first thought? Is International Relations theory more trivial than we dared to imagine? (Weber, 2003:
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