Essay On Importance Of Communication

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The main purpose of development in communication is to further encourage and stimulate the development that has already been implied to a higher level. Therefore, there are many benefits of development through communication includes providing education and improving literacy rates among the people, increasing socio-economic status and promoting larger equality and freedom. In getting the progression, there should be some changes that have to be taken. The changes come in various form such as better situations, skills, educations or physical and technological accommodations. Thus, development leads to an advanced standard of living. English language is a medium in communicating. It is a beneficial communicative tool which is related consciously and unconsciously to the people to facilitate and acknowledge their potentials to involve actively in the development process through participatory and democratic ways.

3.1 English and Information Communication Technology

The function of English language is corresponding with the development of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in Malaysia, specifically, and in the world. English is an essential element in the growth and usage of ICT in almost every aspects of life. These aspects include business, politics, laws, administrations, medicines fields and they take place at various places
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This computer technology offers both speed and efficiency, for example, in the editorial work of the newspaper. English software can reduce the editors’ workloads by performing grammar and spelling checks for news articles. As this spelling and grammar software mostly available in English, they have to master English well to use them to ease their jobs. This kind of software brings many benefits to the editing work and to a large extent; it serves a lot to the countries mostly the English newspapers like The Star and The New Straits
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