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The principle of this report is to inform the audience of the importance of communication in aviation through the analyses of genres, interview and research that I have learned in the last few weeks. Introduction and Objectives Communication within the aviation industry is essential. For one to be able to communicate whether its through writings or verbally is critical to both the safety and economy of our nation. We as pilots accomplish this mission in partnership with the entire aviation community. Throughout many of years, we have learned that we must strive to communicate clearly, effectively, and in plain language that is easily understood to accomplish the task at hand. Without the ability to so could result in catastrophe. Over the past few weeks, involving countless of hours researching and observing communication skills that pilots need to posses, I have learned that some of the writings have become dense and needlessly complex. Clarity of communication is a safety issue, we must continue to endeavor success in strong but clear…show more content…
Who you are writing to? What expertise and knowledge do they have? What do they need from you? If you are responding to questions from your audience make sure you answer all of them. If you believe you have more than one audience, select one as the primary audience and prepare your letter accordingly. Organize your document. The key to clear writing is to present material in the order that is most useful to the reader. If your document deals with a process, organize it chronologically, first step to last. You can also organize documents by putting the most important points first and the minor ones at the end. Put standard provisions first and exceptions last. Sometimes a combination of these organizational methods is useful. Whichever method you use, keep your reader in mind and be consistent. John mentioned to always ask yourself, “What will help my reader understand and follow my

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