Essay On Importance Of Comprehensive Sex Education

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The Importance of Comprehensive Sexual Education in Schools Over the years there has constantly been a debate about what kind of sexual health education should exist in public schools. Should schools be teaching teenagers about sex at all? Should schools only be teaching them to abstain? Or, should schools be teaching a comprehensive curriculum for sexual education? Many studies have been done on the issue, and it is clear that, while personal opinions may favor other positions, comprehensive education is the best option. Public schools must include a comprehensive sexual education in their curriculums because it can reduce risks, it is more realistic than abstinence only education, and it can teach teenagers to take sex seriously in regards to their health. It is common knowledge that teenagers are likely to experiment with sex, and often discover their sexuality while in high school. Statistics suggest that around 75% of teenagers will have had sex by the time they reach the end of their teen years. So, if most teenagers are having sex,…show more content…
Dr. Blythe also writes, "Providing information to adolescents about contraception does not result in increased rates of sexual activity, earlier age of first intercourse, or a greater number of partners. In fact, if adolescents perceive obstacles to obtaining contraception and condoms, they are more likely to experience negative outcomes related to sexual activity." Essentially, teaching teenagers about sex, and about protection, will not encourage them to have sex any more than they already would. The education they will be given will merely provide them with the necessary tools needed to protect themselves should they engage in sexual
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