Essay On Importance Of Computer In Software

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Importance of Computer and Its Component in Software

Interest of the writer
I decided to choose this topic because it has a lot to do with my area of study. My area of study is Computer Science; I will be working with computer and of course with software also. My software will be use during the process of learning, and without computer there is no how I can use that software. I believe before the end of my studying in the University of the People, I will be able to build my own software by making use of computer and other software.
Importance of Computer
Computer is an electronic device for processing information and performing calculations; follows a program to perform sequences of mathematical and logical operations (Word Web Dictionary).
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Without computer, we can note have software and even if we have computer, we need a software so that the computer can function.
There are many kind of software such as:
Operating System : According to Operating system Wikipedia “Examples of popular modern operating systems include Android, BlackBerry, BSD, Chrome OS, iOS, Linux, OS X,QNX, Steam OS, Microsoft Windows (and variant Windows Phone),[3] and z/OS”. (2015, September 15). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 11:01, September 15, 2015, from
Microsoft Office: This is one of inevitable software that is needed in every computer. Most schools and University are fun of using Microsoft office software. It is use for writing, keeping data of student, presentations in fact the writer of this essay said is the best.
Computer and Software are both working together, without a computer; there will not be a way to build software because computer will be used to build software. Likewise computer needs software to be able to function. I rest my
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