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A computer is an elementary requirement of any organization. Computer is used as stand-alone machine to satisfy their necessity. With that interconnection of computers is also required for communication. Users have a preference to access information from their place only without going anywhere. This is possible only if computers are connected to each other. The technology that connects computers to each other via communication line is called as networking. An interconnection of computers is called as a network. In short, network means connection of more than one computer to each other through communication line. A network is any collection of independent computers that communicate with one another over a shared network medium. It can also define as a collection of two or more connected computers. Once these computers are linked in a network, persons can share files and…show more content…
All the computers in LAN are connected through cables or wireless links for communication. The number of computers in a LAN can vary from two to several hundred computers. As all the computers are located in a small geographical area, the communication speed is faster and chances of data loss are very less. Generally, its size ranges from 0 to 10 kms. The cost involved in setting up the LAN is low as compared to the larger network. MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) MAN is a larger network as compared to LAN. It covers a metro or a city. MAN is used to connect the offices of an organization spread across the city. The medium used to connect the computers in MAN is similar to that in LAN. As it covers larger area than LAN, the cost involved in setting up a MAN is higher than LAN. Size of MAN can range from 10 to 50 kms. WAN (Wide Area

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