Essay On Importance Of Diversity In The Workplace

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Importance of Diversity in Workplace

Cultural diversity includes differences in the composition of the members of an organization in terms of nationality, race, color, gender, creed, religion or age; in other words, a variety of cultures found among people from different environments. Organizational behavior be referred to the nature of the interactions between individuals and groups within an organization. The positive influence of cultural diversity makes it easier for members of an organization build relationships and know one another regardless of their origins and their environment. "Diversity and Inclusion brings in diverse different talents together working towards a common goal using different sets of skills that ignites their loyalty and increases their retention and productivity" (Sahar Andrade, 2010).
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Productivity increases exponentially when people of all cultures pull together towards a single inspiring goal (Ethno connect). Companies, therefore, should seek to create an organizational culture that encourages not only the diversity of the composition of its workforce but also personal performance. Positive influences of cultural diversity not only allow the organization to increase the scope of its scope; companies also receive a favorable exposure of each sector of the population because of its multicultural approach.
Influence cultural diversity
Cultural diversity is oriented to have a deep respect and understanding of various people in the organization. This aspect of the organization is strengthened by the feedback, teamwork, team activities and interpersonal communication. During these commitments, individuals are able to interact and appreciate the culture of each; consequently, a complacent culture and organizational behavior are established within the organization.
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