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“To be able to stand up and explore fictional worlds…all students must agree to imagine actively that they encountered, or that they are encountering, an imagined person. However, that does not mean that you or your students have to become actors.” End of quote by Professor Brian Edmiston. The term Drama is derived from the Greek word, which means action. Drama was first considered as a genre of poetry in the 90’s. Drama is imperative in the life of a child, it builds a child confident, develop language and communication skill, also helps children to concentration etc. There is a lot educational theorist who talks about how drama can facilitate student learning. “Children learn best through discovery and play.”-Piaget. Drama is a very unique tool, that is used to explore and express (bring across0 the feeling of an individual. Drama is an art which helps with self-expression and also a way of learning. Drama is an active tool which involves students physical, intellectual, social and emotional been. Drama in education students will better develop themselves, critical thinking which can help them I their future endeavors, help children to understand the…show more content…
Howard Earl Gardner was not only recognizing because of the impression of desired not to describe the world but to assist in implementing the development of the world. In his research I will talking about Howard Gardner multiple intelligence but the main focus is on naturalist intelligence and bodily- kinesthetic. Lev Vygotsky’s is a Russian psychologist worked o he Social Development theory in 1896-1934. This theory is one of the foundation of constructivism. His work was largely known in the West until it was publishing in 1962. The main focus of his theory is the

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