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Importance of drinking water Proposal Introduction Water is an essential part of human life. Our body is made up of more than 70% of water. It is a necessity which cannot be denied. Without water not a single person can struggle for survival. Our body requires sufficient amount of water for our organs like kidney to function properly. If we do not drink appropriate amount of water on regular basis, we may encounter several harmful diseases. Statement of Problem I. Why is water so much important to us? II. How much water should we drink on daily basis? III. Why people ignore drinking water? IV. What can be done to reverse the habit? Objectives of Study  Determine the significance of water in human life.  Evaluate the amount of water required by our body regularly.  Discover the reasons behind people drinking less water.  Identify solutions for making drinking water easier. Research methodology The main sources of my research would be research articles and surveys, as they provide the…show more content…
It cures diseases as well as prevents your encounter with them very efficiently. A glass of water just after waking up boosts your energy level. Water helps your brain to concentrate and be more attentive. Drinking sufficient water prevents obesity and promotes weight loss especially if you drink it sometime before having your meal. It acts as an anti-aging agents, enhancing one’s complexion and maintaining youthful skin. It helps in digestion thus preventing constipation. Drinking plenty of water supports your immunity system against flue, cancer and even heart attacks. It acts as natural remedy for migraine and back pain. Also, more water means lesser joint weaknesses. It flushes out toxins from the body. Your body needs more water when you are more active physically, when you are suffering from fever, diarrhea and vomiting and even when you are in hot climate. All in all, Water relieves mood swings and brings satisfaction to a person’s inner

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