Essay On Importance Of Early Childhood Education

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The importance of early childhood education and the purpose of the grade R year Learning begins from birth. That is why the early years of education (especially Grade R) are the most important years for a child’s future development. Early childhood education helps cognitive, holistic, social and physical development. The purpose of the grade R year is to help a child establish a strong foundation. A child needs to be in a learning environment that teaches them life lessons, morals, values and ideas. We are responsible for exposing children to a stimulating environment in which they can grow and develop their own ideas, beliefs and learn to become responsible. If we do not, they have little chance of succeeding in future education. It is…show more content…
That means they need to be involved. They learn the most effectively through participation which involves two methods, participation and learning. Participation is a way in which children can be part of the decision making process which makes it more meaningful. Participation allows the child to energetically make sense of the world. Teachers have to allow and encourage children to share their values, ideas and opinions. We have to remember that participation isn’t just taking part it’s the active participation of everybody, the decision making must be mutual. ( Earlyarts,…show more content…
For participatory learning to take place teachers need to be an intentional teacher somebody who wants a child to be involved in the learning process. A teacher should sometimes control the learning process but other times allow the children to lead the learning process. We must get involved in the children’s activities and let them know that we are interested in their opinion and thoughts. We as teachers should encourage the child to speak up explore and experiment. We have to ensure that a classroom is hygienic safe and fun, it should be a high quality learning environment. (Excell and Linington,

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