Essay On Importance Of Education In Modern World

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Student Name: Lai Wah Onn Student ID: 0111199 Importance of Education in the Modern World Education plays a very important role in the modern world. Over the few decades, education has become increasingly important as well as more advancing. It has somehow become a requirement for the society to further advance with knowledge and also for us in order to live a better life as we enter working stage of life. Without education, it will be hard to imagine what the world will be like currently and how will the society behave as everything that people do will be highly unorganized as well as slow work progression. The term “education” will be defined as an experience or a process of gaining or sharing of knowledge systematically for the use of this essay. The purpose of this essay will be explaining the importance of education in the modern world based on three main reasons. These reasons will be providing economic and social destiny, education for future career, and enhancement of technology.…show more content…
Education could improve the future world as it holds the ability more than just an entry ticket to starting a job (Anonymous 2012). According to the author, education is not limited to granting people an access to acquire a job but it could do so much more for the future. It acts as a foundation to society because education itself brings the wealth of society and economy. For example, attaining education could boost a person’s social life to a respectable position. This is due to that education holds the value of creating morality and culture to a society. In this regard, education of the modern world’s society provides a space where society could justify its matter and determine countermeasure. To conclude, the growth of a society in both the socially and economically aspect is by acquiring education which then allows them to maintain a modern world’s

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