Essay On Importance Of Energy

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Energy is an important contributing feature in the development of any country or region. Indeed, energy is fundamental to the fulfillment of basic individual and community needs such as lighting, transportation, provision of water, food, health and education. Since all these services are the indicators by which a nation’s progress and development are measured, it follows that energy is a major determinant of every country’s economic and social development. Renewable energy sources, commonly referred to as ‘renewable’, includes solar energy, wind energy, biomass, hydro (water), geothermal energy and tidal energy. Several definitions of renewable energy have been proffered. (Twidell and Weir 1986) defined renewable energy, as ‘energy obtained from the continuous or repetitive currents of energy recurring in the natural environment’. (Sorenson 1979) says that renewable produce ‘energy flows which are replenished…show more content…
This is not to suggest that energy use has made humanity what it is. Rather, it is the fact that without energy use, humans would not be at the state of development they are today. With the ability to convert an energy source, humans were able to gain more control of their living conditions. Fire allowed them to live in cooler habitats. It expanded their food base and provided some protection against other animals. Human use of energy dates from the discovery and creation of fire, some 8000 years ago. This command of energy became basic for survival in many parts of Nigeria and the world as a while when the last ice age forced an adjustment to colder climates and to foods that required cooking. The development of settlements into cities increased the use of fuel reserves, and the first ‘energy crisis’quickened the collapse of early civilizations as fuel supplies
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