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Teaching English grammar helps students to acquire skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing. Without the knowledge of grammar, students cannot speak or write English correctly. Grammar plays a vital role in the teaching and learning any language. The government realized the importance of grammar as a key part of language education. Grammar has become an important part of the school English curriculum from primary to higher education. Grammar is the base of the English language and it is a fundamental part of teaching and learning English grammar in the Bhutanese classroom. The school English curriculum divides English into four key skills such as: speaking and listening, writing, reading and literature and language from pre-primary to class twelve to help students learn in a proper way. Therefore, this essay will discuss how teaching and learning English grammar in a formal way in the classroom setting help students to gain the listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Firstly, when listening, we are reviewing a lot of…show more content…
Grammar is the base of English language and it has its place in language learning and teaching. It also helps the students learn and do well in other subjects that are taught in English. It is also essential for understanding English as a second language that has so many benefits in their life. The learning of grammar from PP-12 has helped the students to acquire four literary skills that lay the foundation for good communication. Without the knowledge of grammar, the students would be handicapped like a bird with broken wings. The teaching and learning of grammar in the Bhutanese classroom acts like the wings of the bird that helps it fly to its destination. Teaching grammar was, is and will be an essential part of the teaching and learning process in the Bhutanese classroom. (1511

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