Essay On Importance Of English Language

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It is the language of the world and the global economy: truly a “linguistic engine” that drives the global economy forward through its economic interdependencies interconnectedness. Economic domination of world power is exercised through this language. It is the language of World Wide Web for education, trade and commerce, banking, tourism, enlightenment, entertainment, and sports. It is the language of the internet, the language of science and technology, the language of the global media, the language of medicine, the language of Hollywood films, and the working language of UN and NATO forces. English is important not only for common day to day life, but for academic life and professional career.
English Language was the means of communication to the most advanced discoveries and latest inventions. It is very much required to accelerate scientific and technological growth. Almost all the important innovations of the last 150 years are documented in English Language. Most of the innovations are by English speaking people or by people working in the English speaking countries. The English language helps to have access to new technology and to have access to “global-literary.” The very concept of globalization brings to the mind is English. Globalization results in
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It helps to cope up with the increasing demand for the language. It helps in sharing India’s tradition and culture. India can gain international importance in the world level by playing the role of peacekeeper, as there is so much unrest all over the world. India can take part in International activity and business activities. It helps in diplomatic communication. India can become a member of the global citizen and can have interaction with the rest of the world. It helps the Indian citizens to sustain their life standard. Proficiency in English Language helps for the engineering graduates of India to have their career
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