Essay On Importance Of Good Communication

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A good communication dealing in each organization can make the projects become successful and makes the process of project become faster. This is because; client or stakeholder fully reliable with our project. A good communication on projects can practice by improve the interpersonal skill or soft skill in their self. Communication can play the immense role determine the projects successful or not depends on the staff the handle the projects. Careful communication planning and setting the right expectations with all the project stakeholders is extremely important (Mehta, 2015). Face to face initial communication within the project team to establish the team dynamics and learning the customer’s expectations are the keys to success when starting a project (Mehta, 2015).

Many IT graduates now have technical skills more than communication skills. This is become problem because they only can apply technical skills without convince other people about their project. According to Shwalbe (2014), most IT-related degree programs have many technical requirements but few require courses in communications (speaking, writing, listen- ing), psychology, sociology,
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this literature explains that the importance of good communication on projects, elements of project communications management, communication management plan, method of communication, suggestion for improving project communication and using software to assist in project communications. Employee that involve in project management must hone their communication skill so that they can convince their project to the stakeholder especially to be a project manager. Employees that lack in communication skill can be trained by join the communication training or give them a position such as project manager. A great communication with stakeholder can determine the project become success or
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