Essay On Importance Of Good Lesson Planning

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The importance of good lesson planning and the benefits they have for the teacher.
As one could imagine, when considering the importance and even the significant of effective lesson planning, quite often we immediately considering the benefits that this can have on the student. It is certainly true that its certain does present benefits to the student, discussed later in this paper.
The benefits of planning for the teacher
However, it is important to also realize that effective lesson planning can benefit the teacher. Those benefits for the teacher include can improve the lesson and make it more effective. For the teacher this means a more effective class and teaching which can improve the overall motivation of the teacher. This in turn can have a positive influence on the productivity of the teacher as well as have positive influence on the overall
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As we can see from the above, there are key advantages in effective lesson planning for both teacher and student. Although detailed planning is important for it to be effective, there should also be a degree of flexibility, which allows changes in the lesson as its progresses. It is certainly true that in education, and most certainly in the classroom environment itself, rigid planning is not only ineffective but is unwise as there are many variables in the classroom environment which cannot be predicted at the lesson planning stage.
The lesson plan can assist with the teaching phase, when it is presented in a clear and concise manner, this strategy is essential when the lesson being taught is unfamiliar to the teacher or the teacher is inexperienced. The lesson plan format should be therefore be readable and accessible.
The plan with include certain key elements. Although this can vary the elements are as
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