Essay On Importance Of Health Insurance

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Importance of Health Insurance

Why do individuals demand Health care? Which are the reasons that affect the people so they decide to pay for health care insurance? It is a necessity or a obligation to have a Health Care insurance? To answer this questions, there will be some terms that needs to be defined in order to understand the information provided. Health insurance can be defined as a type of insurance coverage that pays for medical and surgical expenses that are incurred by the insured. Health insurance can either reimburse the insured for expenses incurred from illness or injury or pay the care provider directly. Health insurance is often included in employer benefit packages as a means of enticing quality employees (Investopedia, 2008).

Health insurance is important because it alleviate the impact of illnesses and accidents in the family. Being sick or having an accident are issues that affects family activities and in some cases responsibilities. The head of the family can have
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Individuals with insurance visits the physician office when sick but also when healthy. Should be more prone to follow up treatments and also be emotionally relief. Having insurance should promote healthier lifestyles but it is not always the case. Having medical insurance could also encourage unhealthy behavior. Because of medical care, individuals could visits the doctor office for everything, ask for unnecessary laboratories or being reluctant to have healthy habits due to medical services coverage. health care is cheaper for the insured. Additionally, having insurance could encourage unhealthy behavior via moral hazard (Dong, 2011). Because of these scenarios, Health care needs to be regulated. It should provide relief when unexpected events occurs, promote healthier lifestyles but the privilege should not be abused. The demand for medical care increase with health insurance because of accessibility and

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